Samstag, 10. August 2013

Steve Mulder & Roel Salemink - Project X EP (MBE112)

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MB Elektronics

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MB Elektronics is one of those labels that continually impresses every year. This time we present you a dynamic duo Steve Mulder and Roel Salemink with an excellent EP. Kicking off this EP is 'X' and gets to the meaning from the first minute. The track relies on the main melodic pattern, influenced by a huge bassline on the foreground. 'Y' is next and this track flows very nicely. The drums combined perfectly with unique elements, which are giving the track a slightly more uplifting edge. Closing this EP is 'Z' and it is a deep dark night techno anthem. The drums are harder and the bassline leading the way into a bit more evil feeling. A great EP full of techno sounds specially delivered by Steve Mulder & Roel Salemink to MB Elektronics.

This set contains 3 sounds, total time: 21.18

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