Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

Ben Sims - Air Rage EP [DC93]




With the irresistible force of his recent contributions to the label still reverberating strongly throughout all parts of techno and beyond, Drumcode welcome back Ben Sims for another inspirational and incendiary EP of his trademark grooves. Beginning where Bens Smoke & Mirrors album left off, Air Rage EP has Sims on serious underground form; laying down punishing party grooves of abrasive, rolling rhythms while making space for splashes of full-force funk and enchanting melodic moments. Sims intuitively daring use of these contrasting energies is the source of this EPs intoxicating appeal with examples evident within all four tracks. Whether it is the looping robotic bleeps on The Parade; the funked-up electro stomp of Air Rage; the otherworldly strings in Move In Time or the harmonic bell chimes within Machine Funk.

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