Montag, 10. Februar 2014

Patrick Siech - Crude EP [DC72]




Drumcode's seemingly endless list of Swedish talent further expands with 'Crude' from Patrick Siech who makes his debut for revered imprint this Winter. A long term promoter and DJ in Sweden, Siech's transition to production has been a sucessful one, following a few releases for the Kant label, is now welcomed aboard Adam Beyer's long-running techno mainstay. 'Crude', due to the combination of incredibly detailed (and tripped-out) edits/sound evolution and a lolloping loose bassline, is a woozy peak time anthem which doesn't quit. B-side, 'Bad Carnival', is a heavily percussive, contemporary tribal techno cut which takes no prisoners. Complete with the sort of inebriated bassline as its A-Side counterpart but with an additional sense of percussive menace, 'Bad Carnival' makes for yet another nicely weighted Drumcode release.

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