Montag, 10. Februar 2014

Sasha Carassi - Hypercombo EP [DC73]




Sasha Carassi hails from Italy's capital of techno, Naples, and has chalked up 8 years of releases which have seen love from the breadth of the modern techno scene. His Globox label has also gained worldwide respect for its 5 years of consistently quality output while his most recent 'White Sucker EP' release for Harthouse has added further value to his stock. Having been a frequent component of Adam Beyer's DJ sets for years, Carassi was asked to deliver an EP for the Drumcode imprint and 'Hypercombo' is the result. Comprising 5 tracks of typically uncompromising techno which live up to the Drumcode reputation, 'Hypercombo' rounds off a year of blistering releases from Slam, Alexi Delano, Beyer, Gregor Tresher and many more. Each track, while visceral and and at times brilliantly savage, features the sort of detail which Carassi believes is so important in music. From the carefully placed percussive flourishes in the title track to the all encompassing atmospherics of Diamond, there are continually shifting components building extreme tension throughout the EP.

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